• Cryptocurrency has approached to the third transformation.
  • Energy consumption is not only the target Elon Musk has kept his eye on, but also something else such as geopolitics. Dogecoin seems to pass the criteria.
  • NFT, established meaningful digital asset to create its authenticity, has started to set in place. Native digital citizen has made an experiment on living with it.

We cannot predict ‘Goethean science’ based event that encapsulated “complex adaptive system”. The Covid-19 pandemic has spread out worldwide with different patterns in different countries. Some countries may face multiple waves, some may be not. Normally, human being is a…

Thai supreme court has just published an official rice pledging scheme corruption verdict, but only for a related minister and public officers. If Thailand’s former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was at court on the verdict date at Aug 25, 2017, there’d be a high chance that she would be in jail like the former minister of commerce. The re-twist plot from my former prediction for Yingluck since Thailand coup d’état in 2014, first, insisting to fight for her corruption case in court, and then a no-show seems to cast a confusing on an understanding of Thai politics. …

It seems President Donald Trump has sworn twice, first at January 20, 2017, and second at August 21, 2017. It’s the second, an address of a revising of American strategy over Afghanistan that made him the authentic president to lead America and the global community. The global architecture has been redrawn, but the implementation is yet to be unfolded.

Through thick and thin along the relationship between Thailand and the US since Roberts Treaty of 1833, American doppelgänger is not a new thing (see also civil unrest in America), considering a story of Jim Thompson and Willis Bird on CIA’s…

I’ve been asked and interviewed by friends in media, financial, and diplomatic circle regarding the crisis on Korean penninsular. As of the title, my assessment is that the war is unlikely. It’s quite similar to Miha Hribernik:

Miha Hribernik, senior Asia analyst at Verisk Maplecroft,says the risk of war remain low as the implications of military options have not changed since the last round of sabre-rattling in April.

“While Kim Jong Un may have met his match in the equally strong-minded and straight talking Trump, we believe neither side is seeking to put words into action.

“North Korea continues to…

The Nationalist

This is a gem from Prof Fang Ning, a director of Chinese Academic of Social Science (CASS). He gives an interesting view on Trump, his policy and driving forces behind his political power to reshape the world. Different from mainstream medias and thinkers, Prof Fang Ning views Trump as a smart politician who demonstrates his talent and ability not different from Obama or Bush. Although he is not the most successful business entrepreneur, but he has talent to exploit complicated network and connection, keen on an art of deception, have ability of artistic of truth and lie blending…

“il principe, di niccolò machiavelli al magnifico lorenzo di piero de medici” (Niccolò Machiavelli to the Magnificent Lorenzo de’ Medici” — The Prince)

Some wise people says “there is always a close relationship between economy and politics”. But when it has started to “institutionalization”?


The libro segreto — literally the secret book* — of Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici sheds fascinating light on the family’s rise. In part, this was simply a story of meticulous bookkeeping. By modern standards, to be sure, there were imperfections. The Medici did not systematically use the double-entry method, though it was known in…

If you have heard the 10 most banned dangerous movies, snuff film such as Japanese “Guinea Pig”, you’ll understand that how far human’s imagine can go on to the dark side.

As well as “shadow geopolitics”, geopolitics on the dark side, it will represent “invisible” geopolitical issue connected to the “visible” geopolitical affair.

Such as, to wage war in the “war-torn” area, you need to grow up poppy and transforming it into heroin. This is why we have significant level of “shadow economy” in both Myanmar and Thailand for more than 50% of GDP. …

Kan Yuenyong

A geopolitical strategist who lives where a fine narrow line amongst a collision of civilizations exists.

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